Tears & Giggles

2017-01-12T13:38:14+00:00 June 24th, 2016|Courage, Motherhood|

June 2015 The last few days have just swallowed me up. All I’ve wanted to do is hide in my bed under the covers and close my eyes. I woke at six a.m. to nurse my sweet-face eleven-month-old, Ruby. She’s relentlessly happy to see me and greets me with her six-teeth smile, even when I’m groggy and half-asleep. I snuggled her close to me. I knew this moment with her should be sheer joy [...]

We Have To Start Somewhere

2017-01-12T13:38:38+00:00 May 11th, 2016|Church, Courage, Unity, Women|

As I sit down to write a little today, I am in one of those low places.  Cloudy and cool outside, have not seen much of the sun for days.  It is midday and I am in pajamas.  Tony left this morning, frustrated with me.  My sinuses are infected, I’m tired, my house needs vacuumed, my face needs washed.  I feel greasy and unlovable.  I want to change how I feel and who I am. [...]