Baskets of Champagne

As we felt the bottom of the basket lift off the ground, Adam asked the pilot, “how many times have you done this?”. The man pulling the trigger that blew fire into the balloon smiled, laughed, and said, “oh only a couple times”. We all stared at him. His face softened and he let out a belly laugh. “This is probably my 500th flight, I live for this stuff.” We all breathed a sigh [...]

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He is Vast & Beautiful

As I sit here in the dark of my room, I think of all the places I have been & all the places I want to go. One thing that I love about traveling is that I always learn more about myself, God, and others. To see different cultures, landscapes, and people somehow makes my view of God a little bit bigger. I have been a Christian pretty much my whole life, so on [...]

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