Experience Wine Differently

So the other evening after putting the kids down for bed, Andre and I sat down in front of our TV to watch a documentary on Netflix, something that has become somewhat of a habit after having kids.  Unbeknownst to me, my husband had been searching the documentary list earlier in the day and had found one called “Somm:  Into the bottle.”

This particular documentary was about sommeliers: a term used to describe a person who is an expert in wine – they work in restaurants and wineries and educate the customer on the choice of wine that would pair well with the meal you are eating.  They understand wine – they know all there is to know about it.

As I sat and was drawn into this world of wine, I was enlightened with the similarities of the description of wine and how faith looks in our lives.

Throughout the documentary there are many Sommeliers that tell a little of their story and what they believe is important to know about wine.  One of the master Sommelier’s said:

“People who are new to wine
feel they should know all of the stuff about wine
before they can enjoy wine…
before they can talk about wine.”

I have said this so many times to myself about my own knowledge of the Bible.  I continually feel this need to know more, experience more and strive more before I can share God with others.  This idea has been a barrier for me to obey and pursue my Heavenly Father.  It has blocked me from sharing who He is to me and what He has done through me.  Instead of allowing my story to highlight God in my life – I have allowed my lack of theology or knowledge of scripture to overshadow my experience of Him.

The beauty of the documentary came at the very end.  When the highest ranked Sommelier said the quote of the show:

“You talk about Sommeliers and the world of wine and the vintages…great. But, look at the experience.  It’s about the experience.  You can take the most expensive bottle of wine you have in your collection, your sommelier, the guy pouring it, a couple guys off the side of the street; pull the cork and everyone is sitting there enjoying it in a little different way.  That is the secret of it.  The complexity and the layers are there for those who want it but they are not essential to the enjoyment of wine.  Wine is very much like life, life is these series of fleeting moments and then it’s done. And sometimes you just have to open the bottle of wine and drink it.”

I imagined our church sanctuary, filled with all of our church body; each of us sitting – taking in worship and the message – applying all that we learn in ways that reflect our experiences in life.  We all talk about how we should live as Jesus followers and we know all of the right words to say but have we really experienced God in our lives?  The circumstances that each of us have walked through allow us, as we open our hearts up to God, to experience Him in a little different way.  Our Heavenly Father is for those who just heard his name today and also for those who have known Him for 90 years.  He is for someone who knows NOTHING about Him and He is for someone who has walked with Him his/her entire life.  We all have the pleasure and honor of enjoying Him.  You do NOT need to know everything there is to know about God to walk hand in hand with Him.  And to be honest, which one of us really knows “all” there is to know about God? Each of our stories has led us to the feet of Jesus.  The artistry of our faith is that we all have our different ways of coming to it, just like we all enjoy a glass of wine a little differently.  The beauty of our faith is that we all get to walk with one another through this life and the important thing is that we all end up at His feet.

My name is Roxanne Melendez. I am the CEO of my residence, a stay-at-home mom of 2, a wife and a hairstylist. I find joy in spending time with friends and family, traveling and sipping on a hot cup of coffee or chilled glass of wine. Our family has lived in Fort Wayne for 2 years and we are in the process of learning what settling down looks like. I see God the clearest when I look into my kids eyes and while listening to a friends heart.

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  • Beautiful analogy!

  • april reinhard

    thank you for this beautiful reminder!!! what an important topic to write about – thank you, thank you! this has brought me clarity and helped me remember to focus on what’s important: coming to Jesus’ feet. don’t know why i need to be reminded of that every 5 seconds, but i do…thank you for speaking God’s simple truth to me today. 🙂