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On Saturday, May 13, 2017 the women of Northeast church gathered together for a Free & Whole day workshop. The following is the welcome provided to the women within their programs and recordings of two of our speakers. We apologize as Ashley VonGunten’s recording started late, missing the first few minutes of her time of sharing. We hope these things will give you hope and encouragement for whatever you face today.


The reason we thought this discussion on the heart, the mind, and Jesus would be relevant and helpful is simply this—we need this conversation. In our individual struggle and sorrow we feel Jesus would have us learn from each other and share our lives with each other: all of our lives, including the messy bits. You know, the parts we do not often bring on a Sunday morning (by the way, those parts are welcome on a Sunday morning). There are some of us who have never seen a licensed therapist. There are some of us who have seen several. However, there are these areas where we overlap.

We long to be more free and more whole.

We all have places in our hearts that need healing and growth.

We believe that Jesus would have us bring these parts of our lives to the Light within the love we have for one another.

With Jesus as king there is no fear when we engage this Light and Love.

We are committed to helping each other flourish. We also believe that, in terms of our collective body of women, when one part suffers, the other parts suffer with it. Your struggle is my struggle. Your pain is my pain. And, glory to God, you’re healing is my healing. You are some of the bravest women we know. We have seen you walk down many hard roads with such grace and beauty. What an honor to journey together. Whatever we carry today, we come here together expecting to find belonging in each other’s midst and expecting God to take make us more free and whole.”

The Women’s Team of NE

Conflict and Communication: Choosing Love and Connection

Ashley VonGunten

Mindfulness and God with us: A Practice to Pursue Calm

Krista Agler
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  • april reinhard

    thank you for this! i got so much out of that seminar. thank you, thank you to everyone who had a hand in putting it together, and of course to the incredible speakers! speaking of there a way to get a recording of Christen’s talk here as well? i found her talk so relatable and encouraging. also, could the resource list be posted that was on the handout? all the books and things like that that were recommended. i would love to see that list again! thank you again, ladies!! i see God so clearly and actively in our midst. thank you, thank you for all the ways that you press in, act in courage and faith, and keep going. xo